Monday, 29 April 2013

Brainiac Games

Brainiac Games an initiative by ViswamEdutech to gather all the online and free 
downloadable games to give the to their viewers & www.vedutech.comusers. These are not just games they boost ur concentration, Improve cognitive Skills and creative thinking ability stay tuned to our face book page for further more updates daily

Monday, 18 March 2013

Fact Finders Mathlab: A fun place Created by Viswamedutech which makes maths a fun rather than a nightmare. Mathlab provides clusters of devices which Demonstrates classroom maths syllabus more easily understandable and hence making the Student remember the concept for future use storing it in his permanent brain memory.
     Math lab also helps Teachers to Revolutionize their teaching ability and upgrade their explanation skills and hence making them more productive than before.
What makes Fact Finders Mathlab best:
*Mathlab Prepared in accordance with NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) rules and regulations.
*Posses all the features which can explain the CBSE, State Board, ICSE Syllabus.
*math lab Innovated after a extensive research for about 3 years by various teams and prepare according to the expert opinions gathered from leading mathematicians in India for further details and to Know more about Viswam edutech please log on to
Welcome to Viswam Edutech

Viswam Edutech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., is engaged in the business of promoting wide range of educational products for the students through our vast infrastructure covering all over India in collaboration with top educational programmes Corporate and E-learning service providers.
We have recognized the demand for qualified trained professionals to meet the challenges faced by the industry .In its endeavor to meet the high demand for quality; Viswam has embarked on a mission to provide high quality programs through its different products and concepts. We deliver cutting edge solutions for enhancement of the knowledge which will help the aspiring students for their career.